Remote Feng Shui for Business

How remote feng shui works in business

TODAY more and more businesses are turning to feng shui, as managers recognise the need to transform the workplace. This is in order to be able to cope with and adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing world. Millions of pounds are invested annually in corporate feng shui to help build a solid foundation for stability, effectiveness and prosperity in business. “Influencing behaviour is almost all of what management is about, and buildings influence behaviour.” John A Seiler, Architect

Benefits of using feng shui in business
• an optimum, comfortable and stress free working environment
• a balanced coordinated environment for efficient and stable growth
• greater job satisfaction
• reduced workload, absenteeism and staff retention
• a productive environment to increase output and profits
• sharpened decision-making skills
• encouraged inspiration, motivation and innovation
• increased creativity and better communication
• improved quality of teamwork, staff interaction and higher morale
• effectiveness and prominence in the sphere of business operations
• appropriate logo and corporate identity for the 21st century
• more humanistic environment, new energy, enthusiasm and freedom

“Sir Richard Greeberry, who must be the least faddy businessman in the world, believes in feng shui. Companies including Virgin Atlantic and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank are apparently using feng shui to increase their profits. Architects are queuing to learn how to maximise the beneficial energy flow of buildings, and so are Estate Agents.” Financial Times

The list of successful organisations using feng shui includes British Airways, BUPA, B&Q, Orange, The Royal Bank Canada, Hyatt Hotels, Kinnarps and well-known restaurants, estate agents and many others.

A feng shui consultation includes
1. An assessment of the client’s needs and issues.
2. A review of the history of the property.
3. Feng shui assessment of the property, dowsing for geopathic stress, checking for EMF pollution.
4. Discussion of findings, definition of solutions and implementation plan.
5. Suggesting immediate minor feng shui corrections to the property if possible (space clearing and geopathic stress harmonisation). A feng shui report to follow by email.
6. Follow up, fine tuning consultation on the phone after 1-3 months.

To book a remote feng shui consultation please email me or call me on +44 7956 288574