Feng Shui for Branding & Logo Design

ALTHOUGH originally feng shui was applied to the physical environment, now it is being applied to the virtual environments of websites and brands. You may have a harmonious feng shui at home/office but do you have good virtual feng shui online?

Holistic branding is the perceptual design, construction and management of brands at all levels from virtual (spiritual) to intellectual to emotional to environmental (feng shui) and back.

Holistic branding allows for MAXIMUM BENEFIT from the minimum effort (according to 80/20 rule or Pareto principle).

The benefits of remote feng shui branding
• to significantly increase the number of clients and customer loyalty (revenues and market share)
• to ensure that your name is ubiquitous in the business world (brand awareness and effectiveness)
• to improve your brand’s authority (brand value and relevant differentiation)
• to understand how feng shui works on the virtual level (web)

Remote feng shui branding consultation includes:
1. What holistic branding is and how it works
2. Key branding concepts and working principles
3. Elicitation of core brand values and brand affects (emotional connection)
4. Fine-tuning the clarity of the vision
5. How to produce ideas for a strapline/slogan to communicate the brand relevance differentiation and value
6. Brand congruence alignment (focus, differentiation, people, identity and brand, values, vision, website, environment, web positioning/placement): to produce trust and long-term brand loyalty
7. How to live the brand: developing a brand-building organization and how every employee becomes a brand ambassador
8. To develop your brand: logo, favicon, website, business card, brochures

You will need to email: plans, logos, website information, business cards for assessment – yours and your clients. We’ll work on your personal and business brands. This is very practical consultation that will help you personally and your business.

To book a remote feng shui consultation please email me or call me on +44 7956 288574