Remote Dowsing

Remote Dowsing can be use for many things such as dowsing for geopathic stress and other environmental stressors as well as the host of other things.

What is dowsing?
‘Dowsing’ or ‘water divining’ being used to find water for thousands of years (many water companies use dowsers to locate water leaks, broken pipes, etc on regular bases because it quick, accurate and inexpensive). Dowsing is used to locate oil, mineral deposits and archaeological searches. Health practitioners use dowsing to check illnesses, allergies, intolerances, vitality levels and required solutions.

Dowsing for geopathic stress
Onsite dowsing and remote (map) dowsing is used for locating geopathic stress at home and workplaces.

Dowsing for vitality of your home or workplace
The vitality of your home or workplace can affect your personal and professional life. Being able to measure the vitality of space is very useful to find the right solutions to boost it.

Dowsing for other things
Since dowsing can be used for almost anything to you need to know, these are some examples what people use dowsing for:

  • check the vitality and purity of fruit and vegetables and other food products
  • assess which vitamins and minerals you need or which brand of vitamins to get
  • lost or missing objects, animals and people, search-and-rescue activities
  • look for alternatives and confirm life choices and decisions

How do I work as a remote dowser?
I’ve been doing dowsing for over 40 years now. I use pendulum dowsing and rod dowsing as my dowsing tools. I have different dowsing scales for different things. For example, I use Bovis Scale (Bovis Biometer) to measure the intensity and vibrational quality of subtle energies. The modern version of the Bovis Scale was developed by Blanche Merz from the one which was originally engnnered the engineer Simoneton and the French physicist Bovis. The Bovis Scale utilises the knowledge of electromagnetic wavelengths and specifically the wavelength of red light which is in the region of 6,500 Ångström units.

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