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Helios3 – Geopathic Stress & EMF Harmoniser

Helios3 UK - Geopathic Stress Neutraliser

Helios3 – Geopathic Stress Harmoniser

What is geopathic stress and EMF pollution? 
Geopathic stress (GS) is when the Earth’s electromagnetic field becomes distorted. The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance), which falls within the range of (alpha) human brainwaves. Underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, tunnels and underground railways, mineral formations and geological faults distort the natural resonance of the Earth thus creating geopathic stress.

Electromagnetic (EMF) pollution is generated by most electrical appliances, electrical cables, transformers, hair dryers, electrical shavers, microwaves and mobile telephones.

How do GS and EMF pollution affect us?
We are now living in an environment where we are being bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies our bodies are not adapted to. Human bodies operate according to very complex electrochemical processes, which can be very easily disturbed by EMF pollution and geopathic stress, which lowers our immune system.

GS and EMF pollution have been found to be a common factor in many serious and long standing illnesses such as cancer, ME, sleep problems, cot deaths, fatigue, difficulty conceiving, learning difficulties and psychological conditions.

Feng shui and Schumann Resonance link
There is a strong correlation between Schumann Resonances and alpha brain rhythms 7-12Hz (König, 1979). The Schumann Resonance is the doorway to virtual-actual engineering, i.e. manifesting your desires. Having a strong Schumann Resonance Field permeating the environment is the key to effective feng shui because Schumann Resonance is the unifying force between Heaven’s chi (virtual) and Earth’s chi (actual). At its simplest, Schumann Resonance allows feng shui remedies to work better.

Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in most serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions.


• Protection from geopathic stress
• Increased energy
• Better quality of sleep
• Counteracts EMF pollution
• Boosts immunity
• Enhanced feng shui

How does Helios3 work? 
There is a strong correlation between Schumann resonance and alpha brain rhythms 7-12 Hz (König, 1979), and research has shown that when we have an abundance of alpha brainwave frequencies we stay healthy. NASA builds Schumann resonators into their space shuttles to safeguard the health of astronauts when they’re beyond the influence of the Earth and its vital frequency.

Helios3 is a high tech device that simulates the Earth’s beneficial frequency allowing our bodies to tune in to its rhythm. In this way we protect ourselves from the negative impact of GS and EMF. Once plugged in it will start to rebalance your energy and the energy of your home.

Helios3 is very easy to use. 
Just plug it into a socket (not on an extension lead) anywhere you feel it may be of most benefit to you. If you are not sure please contact your feng shui consultant or us.

A 2-pin European model is also available.

Price: £170 (plus P&P)


“At first sceptical, my wife and I felt a distinct change almost immediately. Our health improved immediately – minor aches and pains melted away. We have Helios switched on all the time and I recommend it without reservation.”
Dr. W. Bloom, Writer

“I purchased a Helios3 when I discovered that there was a wide band of geopathic stress running across my bed. My husband and I start to sleeping better immediately. My tendency to nocturnal stomach pains which were symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome cleared up over the next few weeks. Gynaecological problems eventually righted themselves. I have also supplied these machines to a number of my clients, all of whom have been delighted with them.” Amanda Kenton, Feng Shui Consultant

“Thank you for sending me the Helios device for the line of geopathic stress that was cutting right through the bed from my chin to my hips. I’m feeling much better and I’m having really deep sleep. It’s great!” Client