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Jan Cisek is a leading international feng shui consultant and expert, trainer, mentor, and writer with 30+ years experience in feng shui and a background in interior design, design and branding. He specialises in Holistic Feng Shui which works in many domains: environmental, emotional, intellectual and virtual/spiritual. Jan lives in London, UK and works worldwide.

Jan Cisek - Virtual Feng Shui Expert

Jan Cisek – Virtual Feng Shui Expert

He was a co-founder of the Feng Shui Society of Great Britain in 1993 and one of the first feng shui consultants in London, UK. He was also the editor of the Feng Shui Journal for several years. Jan is one of the very few feng shui consultants in the world with a Master’s degree in Environmental Psychology thereby combining the scientific rigour of the west to the ancient eastern art of feng shui.

Feng shui style
Jan’s feng shui style is very eclectic. When he works, he incorporates three feng shui schools of thought – classical feng shui, intuitive feng shui and virtual feng shui – plus environmental psychology. As well as drawing on his extensive experience working with top brands and companies he also introduces elements from other fields in which he has extensive expertise: geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) /EMF pollution, space clearing, dowsing, fractality/coherence and earth acupuncture.

Jan has produced many innovative solutions and improvements in feng shui, branding and logo design, mainly by radical simplification. In feng shui, as with so many things, less is more.

Corporate feng shui
As a corporate feng shui consultant he draws on his experience in interior design and branding as well as the latest research in preconscious processing, priming, branding and aromabranding. His particular skill is in aligning companies/brands with their environments to achieve maximum success.

Clients Corporate
Ericsson, Do It All, Cable & Wireless, Friends Provident, Croner CCH Publications, Sony, Columbia Records, BMG, Arista Records, SEAL, Jacek Santorski & Co., SuperExpress, Radio ZET.

Shakira & Michael Caine, the late Princess Diana, Kiki Dee, Julia Stephenson, Alidad, Andrea Ustinov, Anna Pasternak, superstar DJ and record producer Paul Oakenfold, golfer Michael Campbell.

Publicity Jan’s feng shui work has been featured in magazines and newspapers from Vogue to the Evening Standard and the Financial Times. His programmes on feng shui for GMTV attracted 8 million viewers. He also won the competition as a feng shui consultant when he took part in the TV programme ‘Housebusters’.

Feng shui school
Jan has taught feng shui all over the world for more than 15 years and has been instrumental in popularising feng shui in the UK. His White Rose Feng Shui School has produced some of the finest feng shui consultants in the world.

Feng shui logo design
Feng shui principles are applicable to designing corporate identities and brands. Jan is the only feng shui consultant specialising in designing logos, business cards, websites and products according to feng shui principles. Find out how feng shui can impact your brand and your logo.

Jan is fully insured and is a full member of the Feng Shui Society which is governed by a strict Code of Practice and Ethics, which ensures the highest standards of feng shui practice and client care.

Contact Jan: jan@virtualfengshui.co.uk   Mobile +44 7956 288 574

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